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Industry-strength encryption and authentication for all connections

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Easy Customizable

Let NDL seamlessly adapt to your existing products and devices.

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Significantly reduces costs through stable and high quality IoT-software

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Mobile & Responsive

Works on all platforms including Tablets, Smartphones and PCs

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NexusDataLinkTM is a platform-independent data communication framework aiming at easy & efficient integration and controlling of devices, applications and embedded systems.

It provides a simple, minimal-invasive and fast way to equip your system with solid and secure data communication and controlling capabilities.

Using NexusDataLinkTM allows you to access your devices securely through a public or private cloud and equip them with an m2m-interface – ready for the Internet of Things.

  • Equip existing products and devices with secure remote control capability 
(either through local area network or internet)
  • Easily read sensor data and control actors
  • Quality Assurance & Production: automated hardware and software tests with monitoring and reporting
  • Continuous data recording and analysis
  • Monitoring & Alarming: Always be aware of your system’s health state
  • Interact with your systems using mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones
  • SPS & Automation, Industry 4.0
  • Smart Home / Home Automation
  • Robotics, and much more…