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New Version available: v15.05

The next version of NexusDataLink (v15.05) has been released on SourceForge today!

The main improvements are:

  • Complete HTTPS / TLS encryption of all data communication between agents, server and clients
  • User Management & secure Authentication and authorization of clients and agents
  • NDL Server now provides a modern and responsive web-UI frontend (HTML5)
  • Support for mobile devices such as tablet or smartphones
  • New generic browser for the agent’s remote interface
  • New generic monitoring for agent channels
  • NDL server can be run in public or private cloud (on own servers)
  • Agent event history logging
  • Implemented Channel Data-Recording Feature
  • Added init-V based start/stop scripts to NDL distribution
  • Revised & updated NDL online documentation
  • numerous further improvements and bugfixes …
Portal Landing Page

Portal Landing Page

Visit our new NexusDataLink portal site portal.nexusdatalink.com to get a first impression.
Have fun!

The NDL-Team