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New Version available: v15.07

The next version of NexusDataLink (v15.07) has been released today!

The main improvements are:

  • [Agent] added browser compatibility check (on Login page)
  • [Server] bugfix: agent online flags are now reset on portal start
  • [Client] Agent log files can now be viewed through the NDL server portal
  • [Agent] revised logging mechanism: implemented optional file logging
  • [Server] Server log files can be downloaded from within the portal’s admin area
  • [Agent] Agents can now detect so called half-open connection issues and try recover
  • [Agent] now there are separate start scripts for manual starts (with console) and for automatic starts (non-blocking)
  • [Client] bugfix: diagrams are now displayed on mobile platforms (added fallback in CSS if browser does not know ‚vh‘)
  • [Client] bugfix: android platforms could not interact with channels in the Interface Browser
  • [Server] agent/server connection timeouts are now more tolerant for mobile connections (GSM)
  • Revised & updated NDL online documentation
  • numerous further improvements and bugfixes …
Browsing the Agent's log online

Browsing the Agent’s log online

Visit our NexusDataLink portal site portal.nexusdatalink.com to get a first impression or download the open source Agent SDK.

Have fun!

The NDL-Team