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New Version available: v15.09.1

The next version of NexusDataLink (v15.09.1) has been released today!

The main improvements are:

  • NDL Agent firmware can be remotely updated using the NDL Portal Server
  • Significantly reduced size of Agent Update Bundles
  • Improved client performance: Using minified versions for JavaScript libraries and CSS such as Bootstrap, jQuery, etc
  • Static channels are now declared via XML, too, as custom channels are
  • Channels can be disabled declaratively in XML through their channel configuration
  • New static channels: GPS position and shutdown. Each Agent can now provide its GPS position and shutdown functionality through these new channels
  • Portal UI: A map is now displaying the Agent’s GPS position if it is available
  • Portal UI: Added UI for clean shutdown or reboot of Agents
  • Connection management is now more tolerant regarding slow GSM connections
  • Updated and extended NDL online documentation
  • numerous minor improvements and bugfixes

Some screenshots

Perform a remote update of the Agent’s firmware:


Track the Agent’s position:


Control the Agent’s lifecycle:


Visit our NexusDataLink portal site portal.nexusdatalink.com to get a first impression or download the open source Agent SDK.

Have fun!

The NDL-Team