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Features & Benefits

Getting existing products and devices online for remote control and monitoring is a complex task concerning security, connectivity, interface design, quality of service, etc. NexusDataLink addresses the challenges that need to be taken when heading towards the Internet of Things (IoT).

Your Products in the Cloud

Easily equip your products and devices with cloud-capability and machine2machine interface (m2m) using secure & minimal-invasive technology.

Device connection handling (including connection recovery) is provided by NexusDataLink, so that projects can concentrate their development on business-related topics rather than infrastructural issues.

Declarative, Generic and RESTFul Interfaces

Device interface design is done by visual editors supporting the developer to create declarative XML interface descriptions. These declarations will serve as template for automatic source code generation of interface classes – to get devices and systems online efficiently and quickly.

The interfaces are desinged in a hierarchical tree structure declaring so called channels.

Your devices‘ remote interface is automatically transformed into a REST interface, ready to be controlled remotely – safe and secure.

Data Monitoring & Recording

Easily monitor and record your product or device data with the  built-in NexusDataLink channel recorder.

Flexibility: Layers & Tiers

The framework allows maximum flexibility through its 3-tier-architecture:

  • Agent: they directly interact with the devices and systems to be controlled or monitored
  • Server: a central service where Agents and Clients log in and exchange data
  • Client: they provide a convenient user interface for the managed systems

These 3 layers can be deployed as required: distributed over the internet to create a cloud service, in closed LANs or even all components on a single embedded device.

Your Data is Yours!

Independently host your own NexusDataLink Server for maximum security and flexibility.

Mobile & Responsive UI

Regardless of which platform you use – NexusDataLink Clients work on smartphones and tablets as well as on conventional PCs or workstations using modern and customizable UIs.



Industry-strength encryption for Agent/Server and Client/Server connections using certificate-based SSL/TLS communication.

Authentication & Authorization

All data- and network-access is protected by inherent and secure authentication and authorization mechanism.

Remote Software Updates

Perform safe remote software updates of your products and devices without the need to have physical access.