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Use Case CliMon

Project NDL CliMon is a climate monitoring tool for the Raspberry Pi (or other platforms) equipped with Tinkerforge sensors for recording temperature, humidity and moisture. This project demonstrates how NexusDataLink can be used to remote control Raspberry Pi and Tinkerforge components via network.

The user interface based on web-technology:

An IP66-compliant hard case protects the hardware components:


  • measures temperature, humidity and moisture using Tinkerforge bricks
  • remote monitoring via LAN/WLAN: web-based user interface (HTML5/JavaScript) for PC or tablet
  • SMS alarms: allows the user to define alarm thresholds and receive SMS whenever a threshold is exceeded
  • wireless LAN connection
  • variable record ranges (1 day, 2 days and 1 week)
  • climate at a glance: real time display for current, minimum, maximum and average values
  • can be used over internet in conjunction with a dynDNS service

Use Cases

  • climate monitoring of:
    • rooms & houses
    • green houses
    • basement
    • etc.
  • get definable alarms per SMS …
    • whenever you forgot to water your plants
    • before water lines are about to freeze
    • before basement is flooded and damage happens (my very personal motivation for creating NDL CliMon with a moisture sensor 😉 )
    • etc.

Technology Overview

The firmware of NDL CliMon, NexusDataLink (including the generated REST interface) and the Tinkerforge BrickDaemon are all executed on the Raspberry Pi platform. The user opens the web-based user interface by entering the corresponding URL in a browser. Here is a brief overview of the logical system components:

Used technologies to realize CliMon are:

  • NexusDataLink as data communication framework
  • Tinkerforge components for getting sensor data
  • HTML5, jQuery and Bootstrap for the web-based user interface
  • lighttpd as small webserver for the user interface and for providing basic authentication security
  • mobilant.de as worldwide SMS gateway for sending alarm SMS