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Use Case Embedded Test

Use case Embedded Test is a NexusDataLink-based project that has been created to test the hardware and software components of an embedded device, which is still under development. This enables the manufacturer to test individual or new modules and their integration separately while the firmware as a whole is not yet available.

The hardware platform under test is a System-on-Chip (SoC) consistingof a dual ARM core part and an FPGA part.

Some Screenshots of the web-based test user interface:

The minimalistic setup page:

Note: In order to protect the interests of the manufacturer, names and labels on screenshots have been garbled.


  • individual, platform-independent test UI
  • separated tests of individual software modules, while the firmware as a whole is not yet available
  • tests of hardware functionality
  • local or remote testing via network
  • 1:n testing: test multiple devices
  • remote monitoring and testing via LAN/WLAN
  • auto-generated REST interface

Use Cases

  • test your embedded system
    • hardware and software
    • local or remote
  • test modules and their integration while the product is still under development
  • perform separated tests on isolated modules
  • control the system under test through REST interface

Technology Overview

The following diagram shows the deployment and structure of the test system:

Used technologies to realize NDL Embedded Test are:

  • NexusDataLink as data communication framework
  • HTML5, jQuery and Bootstrap for the web-based user interface