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Use Case TraceX2

The TraceX2 platform offers a self-sustaining sensor system for monitoring real-time data of platforms, environments or moving vehicles. Its waterproof case and connectors allows it to be used for rough outdoor applications.

As the box is connected through a mobile network (UMTS), its data is globally available – at any time.


  • Various sensors for environmental data, movement, chemical substances and gases, etc.
  • waterproof, ruggedized case for outdoor usage
  • self-sustaining through integrated  power supply (combineable with solar panels)
  • GSM/UMTS connection
  • integrated GPS sensor IMU for measuring speed, acceleration, heading and positions

Use Cases

  • Measurement of environmental data and hazardous substances
  • Tracking of movement and positions for vehicles and platforms such as cars, ships, helicopters, etc.
  • Permanent optical surveillance